Converting a Pattern for Another Gauge Machine

Converting a Pattern for Another Gauge Machine

Gauge Change Sweaters

I wanted to knit a baby sweater, using my favorite pattern on my LK 150 mid gauge machine, that is written for the standard gauge. The white one is made on the mid gauge and the pink one on the standard gauge. I have read some formulas for changing the pattern to another gauge, but I decided to use this calculator to refigure the math for me.

I was so happy with the results and it was so easy when the calculator did all the work after I inserted the original pattern gauge and my swatch gauge numbers from the mid gauge! Now my favorite raglan sleeve baby sweater pattern can be made on any gauge machine! The only requirement is making a tension swatch first, but that only takes a few minutes. If you need a brush-up on doing that, I have instructions on how to do that in Machine Knit Techniques section above my blog title. The sweaters ended up exactly the same size from both machines, but I love to utilize the LK 150 using the Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn. It comes in such fun baby colors, but I happened to have white on hand. I don’t have any babies in my family to knit for, but my favorite charity will like this little white sweater.  I think I will try it with the bulky gauge next. 🙂


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