Knock-Off Little Red Riding Slippers

View of both sides of slippers

Bulky Knitting Machine with ribber

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Worsted Weight 4 Ply yarn – 2 Skeins, re-wound into cakes; I used Terra Cotta color

Women’s size 9 – Has a right and a left slipper

  • Cast on a 1 X 1 rib over 27 (13L X 14R) needles on main bed
  • Tension 0/0; Zig Zag row, hang comb and weights
  • Set carriages for circular knitting
  • K 2 rows circular and remove settings
  • Tension 4/4
  • K 5 rows ribbing
  • Move rib stitches to main bed, doubling the right end stitch to end up with 26 stitches (13L X 13R)
  • RC 000
  • Tension 6 main carriage
  • K 8 rows
  • Change to lighter weights (pressure makes the stitches run too fast when released to reform into knit stitches)
  • Prepare to cross cables: the 26 stitches will be worked in this configuration = 4- 2 – 6 -2 – 6 – 2 – 4 (Explanation –4 plain (stockinette) stitches, 2 reformed into K stitches, 6 (3X3) stitches crossed for cable, 2 reformed, 6 for second cable, 2 reformed, 4 plain)
  • Put a stitch holder in the top stitch of the ribbing of needles 8 & 9L, 1L & 1R, 8 & 9 R. You only have to do this one time, but you must stop that stitch running so it does not unravel ribbing and go clear to bottom
  • *Drop stitches off needles 8 & 9L, 1L & 1R, and 8 & 9R
  • With 2 three prong transfer tools, pick up stitches 5, 6 &7 L on one and stitches 2, 3 &4 on the other
  • Cross the cable – to the right or left – does not matter, just so you are consistent throughout knitting
  • Work second cable on stitches 2, 3 & 4 R and 5, 6 & 7R with the 2 three prong transfer tools
  • Reform stitches 8 & 9L, 1L & 1R, and 8 & 9 R into knit stitches with a latch tool, hang on needles
  • Pull all Needles out E, close latches
  • K 8 rows*
  • Repeat * to * to RC 56 (7 cables have been crossed)
  • K 2 rows to RC 58
  • Weight well right under stitches
  • Pull ribber into work
  • Move every other stitch to the ribber; for the right end, move last stitch to the right one needle, then pick up the heel of a stitch and put on the ribber to enable a 1 X 1 configuration all across work
  • Tension 4/4
  • Rib 5 rows
  • Move all stitches to main bed, doubling end needle to bring back to 26 stitches
  • Back stitch bind off ( or any stretchy bind off of your choice)
  • Remove from machine
  • Turn work sideways and rehang one side PURL side facing you onto 19L X 20 R needles (make sure you pick up one whole stitch onto each needle – not half a stitch). You will not pick up every edge stich – just distribute evenly across needles
  • K 1 row
  • Weight well and pull ribber into work
  • Move every other stitch to ribber
  • Knit 4 rows ribbing
  • Move stitches back to main bed and back stitch bind off
  • Make 2 of these top strips
  • Re-hang one strip along the side stitches (not off the ribbing side), purl side facing you over 48 (44 for a narrower slipper) needles, leaving one end of the short end ribbing off the needles (leave off opposite side on second slipper); make sure to pick up whole stitch; push work against bed and pull needles all the way out
  • K 4 rows stockinette (5 on second slipper strip to end on opposite side of work)
  • *COR; Push all needles on left side of 0 to hold position
  • Set carriage to hold
  • Short row down to 12 stitches in work by putting the needle in hold next to the carriage on each pass
  • Move weights often
  • Heel: Short row back out by putting needle opposite carriage into work and wrapping the needle next to the carriage
  • When all the needles are back in work remove hold setting on carriage*
  • K 30 rows stockinette (Add or subtract rows here for length desired)
  • Toe: Work as for the heel from * to *except short row to 10 stitches in work and back out
  • Remove slipper onto several rows of waste yarn and remove from machine
  • Repeat for other slipper except put the opposite side into hold for heel and toe
  • Kitchener stitch toes together
  • Mattress stitch sides together
  • Overlap the ribbing on side of slipper to make a right or left slipper
  • Stitch side flaps together, leaving the loose flap side to the outside
  • Sew 3 buttons on to outside flap
  • You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann

My inspiration from hand knit pattern: Little Red Riding Slippers at

Red Riding SLippers