Knit Leader

Using the Knit Leader for Brother KM:

Ann Huppert (GrammaAnn)

  1. Make a tension swatch as per instructions and let rest or wash as garment will be washed (especially with wool or cotton) I block it as garment will be for ease of measuring swatch.
  2. Draw pattern piece onto Mylar sheet with erasable pen/pencil- starting with the bottom of your pattern sitting on row #5 (Consider if you want ribbing/ hung hem, etc. below the edge of pattern piece)
  3. Attach the knit leader to the machine using the proper clamps (or inserted the proper way) for either the standard or bulky
  • Bulky machine – has a row counter lever and the tripper lever on the carriage – make sure they are both down because they both need to trip the knitleader so it goes down twice with each pass of the carriage.
  • Standard machine – has one lever that reaches the knit leader. The sheet goes down just the once with each pass of the carriage because the row counter does not trip the knitleader – only the knitleader tripper makes it feed.
  • Knit leader – on feeding lever connected to the front of the knitleader there are 2 holes. The left side one is for normal knitting on both the bulky and standard machine. The right hand hole is for when a fine gauge machine is used or when the swatch measures less than 6 cm. or if you want to draft a half scale pattern on a full scale 116 Knitleader
  1. Measure swatch with white centimeter ruler and record
  2. Set knit leader with those measurements as follows:
  3. Set ROW count on knit leader first (say you got 13.8 cm rows)
  • Push in clutch
  • Set top regulator to first part of number (13)
  • Set second regulator to second part of number (8)
  • Release clutch button
  1. Pick stitch measure scale* to figure STITCHES (say you got 14.6 cm for stitches)
  • Go to the chart on the tube or in the manual (Chart is same for the standard and the bulky) and find the stitch measure scale number that corresponds to 146 – (in this case it is #16)
  • Place that stitch measure scale into the knit leader with the number 16 at the top – matching the center lines
  • * Standard gauge stitch measure scales have black number on the side and bulky has white numbers on the side
  1. Insert Mylar sheet into the knit leader and roll down until row 5 is your beginning row
  2. Looking at your Mylar sheet, pull out the corresponding needles and begin to knit*
  • * If you want to make ribbing or hang a hem and that is not include in your drawing of the pattern, then keep tripper levers up until you are ready to begin moving the Mylar sheet
  1. Follow knitleader to increase, decrease or bind off
  2. You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann

8 thoughts on “Knit Leader

  1. Dear Ann…I love your blog! Thanks for the very easy-to-understand instructions, especially on the Knit Leader. I’ve had one for *yikes!* decades and never used it, but I will now after reading this post. I found you through Knitting Paradise and your post there about your latest hat pattern. You are very generous with your knowledge and your patterns and your wisdom. I wanted to you to know that I greatly appreciate it. All the best, Jan Small


  2. Hi Ann, Thanks for your site and all the information you share. My knit leader was frozen up and wouldn’t advance the Mylar sheet. I searched on KP and found some responses by you there. I ended up partially disassembling it and blow drying it, but it is working now! I am so excited to conquer the knit leader!


      1. Do you mean take apart the actual knit leader itself? I don’t know of a reason to do that. If it is stuck, I use a squirt of WD-40 in the places that needs loosening and use heat from a hair dryer to loosen up old, stuck grease. Then re-oil moving parts. I know many vehemently say you cannot use WD-40 on anything machine knit related, but it is perfectly safe to use on metals and even plastic parts. It dries out, so oiling afterwards is necessary. I hope that answers your question. 🙂 Ann


  3. Hi Ann i have a knit radar i have never used so i shall see if i can use it know i have a 940 and i am learning to knit on it i love reading your blog, thank you for sharing. Would you know where i could find easy instruction for using the patterns on the 940 as some times i get them to work and sometimes i get know where and i get frustrated and leave the knitting. Josie


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