Short Row Tuck Hat

Short Row Tuck Hat with Rolled Brim

1 Row Tuck
Tuck Pattern

Machine: Standard

Yarn: 3 ply cone yarn

Tension: 7 (might be 6 or 8 to make a nice fabric with your yarn)

  • Cast on (CO) with waste yarn (WY) over 56 – 70 needles (N) – depending on hat size desired Note: This hat is knit sideways so the length of the hat (from brim to crown) is the number of needles cast on
  • Knit (K) several rows with WY ending on left
  • K 1 row (R) ravel cord
  • Insert main yarn (MY)
  • RC 000
  • K 1 R to left

Note: This hat can be knit in stockinet. I preferred to do a tuck pattern since the outside of the hat is the purl side – the brim rolls to the purl side. (This is knit sideways so the right hand side of the knitting turns into the rolled brim).

  • If a pattern is desired, prepare a tuck stitch on your machine with an electronic pattern or a punch card
  • K 1 R to right to select needles
  • Push both tuck buttons in; engage punch card
  • Carriage to hold position
  • Pull 1st needle on left out to hold
  • K 2 R

Note: I knit the hats in tuck.  Sometimes the needles did not select perfectly in pattern since I was putting needles into hold. If I was doing a 1 row tuck I had programmed into the electronic machine, it was easy to select the right needles to D position to keep in pattern because it is a 1 X 1 pattern. When I did it in another tuck pattern any mispatterning did not show on the finished hat.

  • Pull 2nd N to hold position
  • K 2 R
  • Continue until you have pulled out 15 needles and the RC is 32; (1st Section completed)
  • *Weight evenly under your work
  • Turn RC to 000
  • Carriage off hold
  • K 2 R over all the needles (RC 2)
  • Carriage to hold position
  • Pull 1st N to hold
  • K 2 R
  • Repeat until 15 N in hold and RC 32*
  • Repeat * to * until 9 short row sections total are made (If doing stockinet, you probably only need 7 sections. This is knit sideways so it if is knit in tuck it needs more sections to make the hat wide enough)
  • When you have completed the sections
    • Turn patterning off
    • K 1 R to left
    • Hang first R of knitting off WY
    • Tension to loosest it till go past 10
    • K 1 R to right
    • Loop through a Loop Bind Off
  • Take a separate piece of yarn and gather up center top hole from inside hat
  • Weave in ends

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann

Short row top design