Lined Earflap Hats

Lined Earflap Hat

earflap hats

3/15 yarn at tension 9

Gauge is 7S and 10R per inch – standard gauge machine

6 Month to 3 Year  (3Y to 6Y) (adult) Sizes


  • Pull EON out between 60L X 60 R (66L X 66R) (72L X 72R)
  • K 1 row R to L
  • Hang comb on those N and weight
  • Pull rest of N into work
  • RC 000
  • K 70 Rows (75R) (80R)
  • Cut yarn

Ear flaps:

  • Pull first 12 N (12) (20) out to hold on right side, leave next 22 (22) (24) St in work, pull rest of N out to hold
  • Set carriage to HOLD position; Hang weights right beneath N in work
  • *K 1 Row– watching very carefully for dropped stitches
  • Put 1 N to hold on carriage side*
  • Repeat * to * until you have 4 (4) (2) N in work; Weight well as you go
  • *Bring all N back into work by moving the N on opposite side of carriage into work
  • K 1 Row*
  • Repeat * to * until all N are back into work
  • Cut yarn
  • COL; Repeat for the left side of the work
  • Break yarn
  • Knot yarn end of flaps and cut to 1 inch
  • Remove Hold setting
  • Hang weights on back sides of flaps before continuing to knit

Outside of Hat:

  • K 20 Rows
  • Begin a Fair Isle pattern if desired (approx. 45 – 50 Rows at most)
  • K to RC 65 (70) (75)
  • Push EON to hold
  • Hang sts from original cast on that is on the comb onto EON
  • Weight work evenly
  • Continue to Knit total 69 Rows (75R) (80R)
  • COL
  • Move EOS to N on right beginning with N #2
  • Push empty N out of work
  • K 1 Row to right
  • Cut long tail
  • Thread tapestry or large N and take sts off onto yarn tail
  • Remove from machine

Flap Ties:

  • Use a double piece of yarn to knit I-cord Ties OR 1 strand 4 Ply matching yarn OR  3 skinny I-cords that are 130R, all started in the same 3 sts and braid together. When you finish one I-cord, take the 3 sts off on a st holder and begin again. Braid, then run a long N through all the open sts at the bottom of braid with the yarn tails and tie a knit. Trim to 2” – 3” . can make a tassel, too
  • Hang 3 sts from the bottom of flap onto 3 N with wrong side facing you (hang in a spot where the row counter will be passed each row with the carriage)
  • T 3 if using hat yarn – T 9 if using 4 ply
  • K 1 Row
  • Push in L part button
  • Knit I-Cord for 112 R or desired length

Seam back seam with mattress stitch, gathering top tightly

Technique learned from a demo by Dena Mohr

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann

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