Scalloped Edge for Garments

Scalloped Edge for Garments


This sample was made on a standard gauge machine. Decide how many stitches you want in each scallop. This works nicely for a large scallop. On this sample there are 22 stitches between the patterning. The patterning is done over 7 stitches and pulls the bottom up at intervals to form the scallops.

By using the number of stitches your pattern calls for to cast on your garment piece, you can place the scallops evenly across the bottom. The 7 stitches are needed for the pattern, but the number of stitches between the patterning can vary to make it work out evenly. Make ½ scallop on each end of your garment piece plus 2 stitches for seaming so it makes a whole scallop at each side

  • E-wrap cast on required number of needles
  • Knit 8 rows
  • Remove knitting onto a garter bar or waste yarn
  • Turn work and re-hang stitches (the 8 rows make a small edge that curls and when you turn the work it curls to the back side of your garment, creating a beautiful, neat edge)
  • Re-weight work
  • Knit 2 rows
  • *Set carriage to hold
  • Pull needles clear out to hold position for each set of patterns across bed in the following way – with X meaning a needle out to hold and O is a needle in work: X 0 0 X O O X ( make notes of your needle numbers so you can repeat them easily)
  • Knit 4 rows
  • Remove hold position on carriage
  • Knit 2 rows*
  • Repeat * to * for a total of 5 times
  • Continue with pattern for your garment
  • Steam hem heavily and it lays down nicely and stays

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann