Spring Shrug Cocoon

Back View at Bottom


This cardigan has elbow length sleeves, which is hard to tell in the photo, and the shape is made in how it is sewn together.  It is like a shrug, but like a cocoon. Such fun!  🙂
Machine: your choice
Yarn: Your choice
Stitch pattern and tension: Your choice
Sizes: S/M; L/XL; 1/2X
• Choose a yarn and a machine
• Find out the best tension and stitch pattern that you like (I used thread lace)
• Make a tension swatch based on your choice of stitch pattern and machine
• Wash or treat the swatch as you will the finished garment
• Measure your swatch to get your gauge for rows and stitches per inch
• Make one rectangle measuring 20” (22; 29) by 44” (53; 62)
• Make second rectangle measuring 20” (22; 29) by 24” (31; 33)
• Steam block to size
• I used a sewing machine to sew all the seams; so, I laid right sides together to pin
• Lay long piece down with knit side up
• Please excuse the crude drawing below, that is not drawn to scale 🙂
• Meet second piece as shown at the side of the first piece
• Lay right sides together and sew 1/8” seam or 1 st in from side
• Lay pieces back out as shown in diagram; knit side up
• Laying right sides together, fold A to meet C, which is 11” (13; 15) from the point D; repeat those measurements on other side
• Sew 1/8” seam from C to B on both sides which leaves an arm opening from A to B that is 9” (10; 12) long
• An edging needs to be added from A to D and back to the other A
• One choice: 3 st I-cord instruction follow; (You may choose any edge to tame the curl)
• Cast on 3 stitches; Set machine to slip one way
• *Begin at a point A of garment, holding work to the left of the left most N with knit side facing you; Pick up first stitch on edge of garment bottom and hang on 1st left hand needle
• K 2 rows*
• Repeat to point D and K 6 rows instead of 2
• Repeat * to * to other A point; bind off
• Point E is the center back neck
• An edge needs to be applied from point F to E and out to other F
• If that is too long to hang on the machine at the same time, that edging will be made in pieces or knit in a band that can be applied by sewing machine all at one time. Your choice of how to finish that edge, but I did a full needle rib tuck stitch band as follows:
• I chose a narrow tuck stitch pattern that did not reach close to the edge of my band to not distort edges
• I cast on 17 N on the main bed from 8L X 9R in a full needle rib; I put the outer most needles on the ribber on both sides; Pitch to H
• Zig zag row; hang comb and weights; move second st in from each edge on ribber (#7 L & 8R) up to the main bed and push empty needles to out of work (This makes a much neater edge to the band – worth doing!)
• Set carriage to do circular and K 2 R; remove settings
• K 2 R ribbing
• Begin patterning and knit the length needed to do both fronts and around the neck all in one piece; bind off
• With right sides together pin band onto garment front and neck
• Stitch 1/8 or 1 st in from side
• I did not put a finish on the armhole edges, since they did a nice gentle roll to the inside of the garment, but one could be applied
• Weave in ends; steam block band


Back View with Asymmetrical Bottom

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann