Double Bed Jacquard for Electronic

Double Bed Jacquard on Brother 940 Electronic KM with Choice of Birdseye or Striped Back

DBJ Standard

  • Use thin yarn (like 2/24) and appropriate tension – too heavy yarn will not work for FNR
  • Insert the Fine Knitting Bar
  • Attach color changer; prepare yarn mast with yarns (to L side if full bed)
  • Decide pattern and get it ready on machine – Img2track design or other pattern
  • * KRC button pushed/lit? ON FOR 2 COLOR; OFF FOR 3 OR MORE COLORS but set double length or elongate button for 3/4 colors
  • Set machine/ribber to do FNR (Full Needle Rib) Pitch H on desired number of N on both beds
    • If whole bed is being used, insert extension rails
    • Ribber must have same number of needles on both sides of 0 for DBJ
    • End N’s on main bed
    • Insert all yarns into Color changer except #1 (background color)
  • T 0/0 Attach #1 background yarn into carriages and do zig/zag row (cannot do Broken Toe Cast On with FNR)
  • Hang comb and weights; set and knit circular rows; remove settings
  • T 0/0 – (tight for ribbing) Do short number of rows of ribbing (like 2) COL
  • If doing rows before design starts knit those now
  • Carriages outside Left turn mark for 2 color; outside RIGHT turn mark for 3 or more colors
  • Make sure pattern is ready -* KRC button?
  • KCII knob; go past turn mark
  • Tension 2/2 if using 1 strand 2/24; RC 000
  • K 1 row left to right to select N for 2 colors
  • K 1 row from RIGHT to left for 3 or more colors to select N
  • Push in both Part buttons on the main bed carriage
  • BIRDS EYE: On ribber carriage push both N buttons up to PR; Rotate both lili buttons to engage them; Slide lever on bottom to lili
  • 2 ROW STRIPE: No settings on ribber carriage
  • K 1 row to left
  • Watch window beside electronic row counter to see when to change yarn and to which # of yarn
  • Change yarn color to indicated color
  • K 2 rows (always watching yarn as you begin row to make sure only one yarn is in carriages)
  • Change yarn color
  • Begin to weight with additional claw weights on both sides after about 25 rows and keep moving them up; after about 100 rows, hang triangle combs and weight with large ribber weights from ribber comb – move 2 sides ones constantly to keep stitches from catching on a gate peg – reach to back and check for caught yarn frequently; leave ribber comb attached without weights, rolling up and clamping as it reaches the floor
  • Repeat color changes and moving weights until machine beeps for design being completed
  • Turn off all carriage settings; shut off machine
  • If you are knitting plain rows after design and before ribbing, knit those now
  • T 0/0 – Make sure you have ribbing color in carriage
  • K 4 R ribbing (to match the length created by the beginning cast on/ circular rows – end on L
  • Move all sts to main bed, doubling them; Move MB carriage tension to 10
  • K 1 loose row to right
  • Loop through a Loop Bind Off – left to right
  • To knit an Img2track double bed jacquard throw with 3 colors where the background color is color # 2, instead of #1  -so the right color will show up on the face of the throw as the background color.background/ribbing color (1 strand of 2/24):
    • Tension 0/0; zig-zag row right to left; hang comb and weights
    • 2 circular rows ending on left; remove settings
    • Knit 1 row to right for 1 row of ribbing
    • Tension 2/2; go past right turn mark; set carriage to KCII
    • Knit 1 row to left to select needles
    • Set both part buttons on main carriage and set ribber for Half Milano or Birdseye backing
    • Color choice light stills says #1
    • Do 2 rows (left to right and back) with color #2 (background color)
    • Now the color choice number says #2
    • Do 2 more rows with color #2 (background color)
    • Now it says color #3
    • Change yarn in color changer to #3 and continue on with project
  • You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann
  • Ann Huppert (GrammaAnn)

2 thoughts on “Double Bed Jacquard for Electronic

  1. Ann, I have tried numerous times and just can’t get 4 colour dbj to work on my brother 940. Two row striped, so no changes on ribber carriage. R to L row to select needles (KCII), KRC off, K 2 rows main colour. Then do 2 rows of each colour in order? Using pattern StitchWorld #516 . What am I doing wrong? TIA


    1. Yes that is correct – for 2 row stripe backing, then there are no settings on the ribber. Are you going outside the turn mark to begin your row to select? The KRC button has to be ON for 2 colors and it sounds like you are doing 2 colors. Do you have the double bed color changer attached on the left? You need a color changer for Double bed jacquard. If so then you are beginning on the left to select needles. Go past turn mark, knit left to right to select needles. Push in both part buttons on the main carriage. Then back to the left where the color changer changes the yarn to the other color. Then you do 2 more rows and repeat process. The electronic 940 tells you which color to choose if you get confused on whether or not you have pushed the button already to change colors. Did you begin with full needle rib? I just looked at he stitchworld and Pattern 516 is a 3 color design not a 2 color. If you want to use 3 colors – then you do have to begin to select needles from right to left and you have the KRC off. I began my explanation because you have referred to the 2 row stripe. If you are using 3 colors you will have a 3 color stripe on the back. If you have the lili buttons on the ribber you might want to experiment with birdseye backing. I find any more than a 2 row stripe on the backing will produce what is called the corduroy effect where the backing might not lie flat but be bumpy. If you are just leaning I might stick with a 2 color design but that is your choice. Let me know if it works or not and we will investigate further. 🙂


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