Open Tuck Chemo Hats

Summer Chemo Hat; Open Tuck Stitch Pattern (lightweight, lacy effect that fits head snugly)

Open Tuck Stitch Pattern

Standard Gauge Machine

1 strand 2.17 yarn or other similar yarn of choice

  • Cast on a 1 X 1 rib (or any needle arrangement) for 75 X 76 – (or up to 85 X 85 – depending on size desired) needles on MB and Ribber
  • RC 000
  • T 2/2 (or T appropriate for your yarn); K 9/10 R ribbing ending on left
  • Move all Sts to MB
  • For Open Tuck Stitch: Stitch World 1 patterns #283 – 292
  • Choose/input pattern, set up needles bed with N out of work according to pattern chosen for Open Tuck Stitch – Begin setting up/needles out of work for pattern from the center of needle bed out (refer to black and white Stitch World diagrams)
  • Pull N to be taken out of work to E
  • Move the E sts to be taken out of work to N to the right and push empty N’s out of work
  • Tension 5
  • KCII knob
  • K 1 R to right to select N
  • Push in both tuck buttons
  • Knit to RC 109 – 120 (depending on length desired – some patterns knit up to be longer)
  • Remove patterning
  • Move EOS to right (skip N’s if needed)
  • K 3/4 R – ending on right
  • Take off stitches with DOUBLED long tail on large needle
  • Sew up side and pull top tight


You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann

One thought on “Open Tuck Chemo Hats

  1. Hi Ann, I would like to share your hat pattern with my knitting guild in our newsletter. We are focusing our Philanthropy knitting on hats this year. Would that be okay with you? You have written in a very concise manner that makes it great to follow.


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