Perky Baby Hat

My Version                                     

Based on the hand knit pattern by Sharon Lentsch’s “Little Perky hat”

Machine: Bulky

Yarn: variegated 4 ply like Red Heart

Diagonal knitted piece:

  • Tension: 7
  • Cast on E-wrap over 8 N; K 2 R
  • *Pick up right most 7 N’s on a transfer tool
  • Move sts over 1 st; doubling st 4 left and leaving N 4 on right empty and in work; K 2 R*
  • Repeat * to * for 69 R’s ending carriage on left
  • Tension: 10+; K 1 R to right
  • Loop through a loop bind off

Rolled Hem:

  • Tension: 4
  • Holding diagonal knitting with purl side facing, hang the long edge of the diagonal knitting onto 60 N’s (use edge that does not have the long loops on side)
  • COL; Add weights across work
  • K 4 R; COL
  • Tension: 10+; K 1 R
  • Loop through a loop bind off

Hat top:

  • Tension:7
  • Hang the work back on the same N’s with purl side facing from other long side of knitting; Pick up stitch below the long loops on the side; K 1 R
  • Remove work onto a garter bar or waste yarn and turn and rehang
  • K 4 R
  • Remove on WY or garter bar again; turn and rehang
  • Knit 20 R to top of hat; COR
  • Move EOS to the right and put empty N’s out of work
  • K 4 R; cut long tail
  • Remove work on tapestry N with long tail
  • Mattress st side and weave in ends
  • Make a pom pom and attach
  • You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann