Fisherman’s Rib Ear Warmer

  • Machine: Standard with ribber
  • Yarn: 3 ply Tamm or similar weight
  • Tension: MB 7 with ribber on 6
  • Size: 4” X 18” not stretched – but it is stretchy and fits snug


  • Cast on with WY over 30 needles on main bed only: K several rows; COL
  • K 1 R ravel cord; RC 000
  • Join MY; K 1 R
  • Bring ribber up and move every other needle to the ribber
  • Weight with 7 wires and heavy weight on each side
  • K 1 R rib
  • Set carriages to do fisherman’s rib (on my Bro 940/850 I push in left Tuck Button on MB and push the Tucking Lever on ribber from N to P and the right Cam Lever from N to PR)
  • K to RC 224; After 50 rows change the weight to a triangle comb and 1 heavy weight; keep moving up
  • At RC 224 remove settings on both carriages
  • K 1 R to left
  • Move all ribber stitches to the main bed
  • Hang hem off WY to join ends
  • Tension 10 plus
  • K 1 R
  • Loop through a loop bind off
  • Weave in ends

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann