No Seam (Circular) Preemie Hats

No Seam (Circular) Preemie Hats


Machine: Standard gauge with ribber
Yarn: 2 strands matching 2/24
Tension: 4
• Cast on zig zag row with Waste Yarn (WY) in 1 X 1 pattern over 19L X 18R on main bed and 18L X 17R on ribber
• Hang comb and weight
• Set carriages for circular knitting
• Knit (K) to Row Count (RC) 20 (10 rounds)
• K 1 round of ravel cord
• RC000
• Leaving a long tail, add Main Yarn (MY)
• K 2 R (1 round)
• Hang 7 wires on each end with a claw weight hanging on it
• Move 7 wires up every 20 R
• K to RC 130 (65 rounds)
• Leave a long tail (to back stitch bind off after hat is off machine) Cut MY
• Attach WY
• K to RC 20
• Remove from machine
• Back Stitch Bind Off the live stitches from last edge knitted. Gives a stretchy bottom edge to hat
• Tack down and cut yarn close
• Remove 1st WY
• Turn hat inside out
• With long tail, catch live stitches off ravel cord for top of hat
• Remove 2nd WY
• Pull tight to gather and tack down
To make several hats at a time:


• Knit twice as many rows WY when ending the hat, knit 1 round of ravel cord and begin another hat
• Cut hats apart in the middle of the WY knitting to hand finish

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann