Bulky Baby Hat


Machine: Bulky with a ribber

Yarn:  3 or 4 ply

Tension: Rib -T.1;  Body T. 5- Vannas Choice #4 yarn or Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly #3 yarn)

  • T 0/0; RC 000
  • Cast On (CO) a 1 X 1 rib over 30 X 30 N with end N on L ribber
  • Broken Toe CO
  • Set main bed carriage for circular knitting
  • Knit (K) 2 rows; remove settings
  • K 6 rows ribbing (COR)
  • Move all sts from ribber to main bed
  • T 5; RC 000
  • K 32 rows
  • Move every other st to the right
  • K 2 row
  • Cut long tail and take sts off on tapestry N
  • Mattress st side and pull top tight

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann