Baby Footie or Bootie

Baby footie/bootie   newborn to approximately 3 month size – (depending on yarn size and size of baby)

Baby Footie

Standard gauge: 3/15 yarn, Tension 9 or 2 strands of 2/24 yarn (*Bulky  instructions at Bottom)

  • E-wrap Cast on (CO) 20 needles– 10L/10R – leave 6 inch tail of yarn
  • K 1 row
  • Comb/weight
  • K 6 rows for moccasin look or K 15 rows for a taller back to bootie ( a color row or two can be added here or even a few rows faiisle or pattern)
  • Set carriage to HOLD
  • *Short row down to 6 stitches pulling N next to carriage out and K 1 row – WEIGHTS CONSTANTLY MOVED or hold sts tight with your hand
  • Short row back out by putting stich into work opposite carriage – wrapping the needle on carriage side*
  • Repeat * to * again
  • Pick up one stitch on each side of bootie where short rows began and put on end N
  • K 1 row at tension 10
  • Cut yarn above carriage
  • Double ( for thinner yarns)  yarn tail on tapestry Needle
  • Machine off hold
  • Pull all N out slightly and gather stitches off and remove from machine leaving a tail
  • Pull tight to gather top of toe and tie all strands with double knot. (Run the beginning yarn end down side of cuff to place with other strands.)
  • Trim short and fluff. Dot of Fray Check  on knot to keep from unraveling
  • *Bulky: 4 ply yarn ; CO 12 N; Tension 4. Short row down to 4 two times. Do last row on tension 9
  • Standard gauge preemie size: Tension 8; 2/17 yarn; e-wrap CO 14 N ( 7L X 7R). Short Row to 4
  • You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann
  • Ann Huppert (GrammaAnn)

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