Machine Knit Patterns

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15 thoughts on “Machine Knit Patterns

  1. I’m looking for a baby cocoon with hat patterns. If you have this I would love this. Thank You
    Michael Gardner


    1. Hi Michael, I have added 2 patterns – one for the bulky/standard machine and one for the mid gauge. If you prefer to not use the ribber, the mid gauge one could be adapted – just change the number of needles you use – looking at the bulky/standard pattern for an idea of number of needles. Thanks for your request. πŸ™‚ Ann


  2. I can not bring up the pattern for the waterfall jacket (it is a beauty!) I’ve tried to load the patterns as instructed, but can’t seem to. Is there a problem or is it on my end?


  3. Hi Ann, You put instructions for a “comfort” doll done on the 260 in Knitting Paradise a while ago. I thought I saved it but can’t find it. Could you possibly email or re-post instructions. I am referring to the little dolls done in a tube then arms and legs sewn later. thanks so much


  4. Hi Ann. I am having a problem trying to access your patterns. I had problems a few years ago and you got it to work somehow. I had the Childs Hoodie Pattern bookmarked but can’t access it now. 😦 I see from the comments that I am not he only one. I follow your blog and love all your patterns you so generously share. Hoping you are well. Shannon


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