Earflap Baby Hat

Standard Gauge
Mid Gauge

Machine: Mid gauge and (Standard)

Yarn: light 4 ply (3/15)

Tension: 7 (8)

Size: Newborn

  • RC: 000; Cast on with WY and ravel cord over 63 N (91)
  • Tension: 7; (8) Using MY; K 12 R (15)
  • Put 7 N (12) in hold next to carriage
  • Keep next 13 N (22) in work and put the rest of the bed in hold
  • Carriage to hold; Cut yarn
  • K 2 R (1R)
  • *Put 1 st on each side into hold; wrap N’s on each side on mid gauge only
  • K 2 R* (1R)
  • Repeat * to * down to 3 (4) sts and then reverse until all 13 sts (22) are back in work; (K 1 R Standard)
  • Weight well or use hand to weight so sts knit off
  • Put all sts to hold and move carriage to opposite side; Cut yarn
  • Put the 13 (22) sts on this side into work (leaving the 7 (12) on edge and rest of sts in hold)
  • K 2 R (1R)
  • Repeat * to * until all 13(22) sts back into work; (K 1 R)
  • Carriage off hold
  • K 12 R (15)
  • Tension: loose as possible; Hang hem off WY; K 1 R
  • Tension: 7; (8) RC 000
  • Mid Gauge only: K 16 R
    • Take off on WY; Remove N’s until 42 are left
    • Rehang doubling every other st; if needed, hang double sts more often
    • K 4 R
    • Move EOS to the right; empty N out of work
    • K 4 R; COR
  • Standard Gauge only: K 34 – 40R (depending on length desired); (NOTE: IF making loops on top K 45 R and continue with loop instructions**)
    • Move every other st to right; empty N out of work
    • K 4 R
  • Both gauges: Remove sts on tapestry N
  • Mattress st center back
  • Add pom-pom and or very short ties (less than 2 inches for babies) made of I-cord by hanging 3 sts of bottom of earflap or braided yarn on earflaps if desired
  • **Looped top instructions at http://marzipanknits.blogspot.com/2014/10/machine-knit-flower-hat.html

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann