Yoga or Fitness Mat Bag


MEASUREMENTS 17” around X 32” long to hold a 24” mat rolled up

  • Machine: Standard Gauge with Ribber
  • Yarn: 2 contrasting colors of a 3-ply acrylic
  • Tension: 5
  • Gauge: 8.25 sts X 12 R = 1 inch


Before beginning, cut and reserve a 50“ piece of yarn of the first color

  • RC 000; Tension 5
  • Pull 140 N’s clear out; push back EON to B position; push in left part button
  • Using the reserved piece of yarn and the yarn tail from the first cone, K 1 R; hang comb and weights, remove carriage setting; remove the cut yarn piece from carriage and continue with 1 strand
  • Continue to K in the following way for random stripes, change yarns as indicated:
  • 3 more green for a total of 4; 10 blue; 6 green; 4 blue; 8 green; 4 blue; 10 green; 6 blue; 4 green; 6 blue; 10 green; 4 blue; 8 green; 10 blue; 2 green; 10 blue
  • Repeat this pattern/color sequence as needed to RC 360
  • For a different look to the stripes, do an online search for a Stripe Generator
  • Move EOS to the right, doubling sts; keep empty Ns in work
  • K to RC 379/380; end COL
  • Move tension to as loose as possible on the carriage
  • K 1 R
  • Bind off with loop through a loop bind off


  • Tension: 0/0
  • CO 16 Ns on MB and 17 on ribber in a FNR rib pattern with ribber Ns on each end
  • Set for circular rows on carriage; K 2 R; remove carriage settings
  • RC 000; Tension: 3/3; K 344 R; (32 inches) COl
  • Move all sts to MB
  • K 1 R at loosest tension possible
  • Bind off with loop through a loop bind off


  • RC 000; tension: 3
  • E-wrap on over 5 Ns; Carriage set to slip one way
  • K 525 R
  • Bind off

Make Up:

  • Mattress stitch long side matching stripes; weave in ends
  • Using both strands in the beginning row, pull up tight and secure
  • Run the I-cord through the eyelet row
  • Attach the strap securely at top and bottom of the bag

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann