Women’s Socks in the Round


Machine Knit Socks In the Round – Women’s size 7/8

Womens Socks

  • Patons Stretch Sock Yarn – 2 – 50 GR balls – rewound. Start balls with same color repeat at the beginning if yarn is self- patterning
  • Knit circular (no side seams) with ribber, pitch P5, standard gauge
  • T 3 rib; T 6 body of sock
  • T 0/0 -Cast on 67 (34L X 33R main bed) (33L x 32R on ribber) – every other needle in a 1 X 1 zig zag row with ribber  by knitting 1 row to L
  • Hang ribber comb and weights; broken toe cast on
  • K 1 circular row – (Right PR button on ribber up and L part button pushed in)
  • Remove circular settings
  • T3/3. Knit 30 rows of ribbing for sport socks –( add length here if desired)
  • Move all st to main bed; change to main bed sinker plate
  • K 1 row
  • Change to waste yarn (WY) (not loose woven but sharp contrasting color) and K several rows and remove from machine
  • Remove comb and weights
  • Ribber pitch to H
  • Put N on each bed to working position – 17 L & 17 R on main bed and on ribber 17L X 16 R
  • Wrong side of knitting facing me and WY to back, (not in center of sock) start on R center needle by placing L most loop of sock onto that N. Roll rib into a circle and place what was the R most loop onto L center needle and put loops onto main bed to fill the whole 34 St. (Center seam of rib will be back of sock) Reach under ribber and hang 2 weights on back of the sock
  • Change sinker plate to ribber one
  • Push knitting in between beds as you pull ribber half way up
  • Weight the front of ribbing with 2 or 3 claw weights
  • Working your way along ribber bed put remaining 33 loops onto ribber N
  • Pull ribber up into place pushing the knitting down between beds and tugging knitting down from below
  • Circular settings on (Right PR button on ribber up and L part button pushed in)
  • RC000
  • T 6/6
  • K 40 circular rows (80 on row counter) Add length here if desired
  • Keep constant downward pressure by tugging the knitting and weights every couple rows
  • Drop ribber half way down
  • Set machine to Hold
  • Remove circular knitting setting on main carriage
  • T 5
  • Change sinker plate to plain knitting sinker
  • Short row down to 18 N (8 N in Hold on each side)
  • Keep constant weight/pressure on the back part of sock as you short row. (N on main bed are growing and N on ribber are not being worked)
  • Short row back out till all N are in working position – moving weights up as you go onto the heel
  • FILL HOLES by picking up back loop from ribber end st and hanging on end st on main bed
  • Move 2 weights behind heel up
  • Change sinker plate back to the ribber one and raise ribber all the way up
  • Set main carriage back to circular knitting setting
  • T 6/6
  • Remove Hold setting
  • Reset counter to 000
  • K foot – 44 circular rows (88 on row counter) Add length here if desired
  • Use double transfer tool and dec 1 st both ends on both beds. (pick up 2 st, move 1 space in – 1 empty N pushed out of work and end N has 1 st and 2nd N in has 2 St on it) (Full fashion dec)
  • K 2 circular rows (4 rows on counter)
  • Repeat this decrease/ K 2 circular rows – 5 times total
  • Repeat this same dec, but k 1 circular row – 6 times
  • 12 stitches remain on main bed and 11 on ribber
  • Break main yarn (MY) and leave a long enough tail to kitchener stitch toe
  • Thread waste yarn (WY); K several rows and remove from machine
  • Kitchener st toe and mattress or bickford stitch back cuff seam; weave in ends
  • You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann
  • Ann Huppert (GrammaAnn)

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