Mary Jane Booties

Mary Jane Booties


Standard Gauge Machine

Yarn – 3 ply; 2 colors – one light, one dark; T 6

Size: 3 – 6 mo

  • Cuff:
    • RC 000; Ribbing – T 4.1
    • With light color, CO 39 sts in a 1 X 1 rib (20L X 19R); Broken Toe CO; 2 circular R
    • K 30 (30) rows rib
  • Transfer sts to empty N on main bed
  • Remove ribber comb and weights and re-weight with claw weights
  • Ankle:
    • RC 000
    • Using MT 6; K 16 rows. Carriage on right (COR)
  • Pull all sts on right side of 0 to Hold
  • Set carriage to hold; remove light color yarn, pulling to the side
  • With Waste Yarn (WY) , knit a few rows on sts on left side of 0 and remove those sts from machine
  • Top of foot:
    • Remove hold on carriage
    • COR; RC 000
    • Rethread with light yarn that you set aside and knit 16 rows
    • Cut main yarn, thread WY; knit few rows and remove from machine
  •  Heel:
    • Rehang sts from first WY; change to dark yarn
    • Set carriage to Hold
    • Short row by placing 1 st next to carriage in hold each row until 8 sts remain in work; move claw weights frequently under the short rowing
    • Short row back by putting 1 st opposite the carriage back in work each row and wrapping N on carriage side until all sts are back in work
    • Remove Hold setting
  • K 15 R
  • Toe:
    • Set carriage to hold
    • Short row down to 8 sts
    • Short row back as before till all N are in work
    • Remove Hold setting
  • K 1 R over all sts
  • Cut MY and leave long tail
  • Take work off on several rows of WY
  • Straps: Make 2
    • E-wrap 5 N
    • K 25 R and bind off
  • Seaming:
    • Kitchener st toe first from 2 sides of WY
    • Mattress st ribbing about ½ way down from top on wrong sides
    • Turn right side out and mattress st rest of ribbing
    • Mattress stitch side of sock, placing the strap in the proper place
    • Mattress st second side, catching strap in that side
    • Attach a button on outside of each booty strap
    • You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann


Ann Huppert (GrammaAnn)


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