No Ribber Adult Hat in 3 Gauges

No Ribber Adult Hat in Bulky, Standard or Mid Gauge


Bulky Machine Hat


Standard Machine Hat


Warm hat that is doubled over the ears

  • Machine: Bulky, Standard (parenthesis) or Mid-Gauge ((double parenthesis))
  • Yarn: Bulky: 4 ply like Red Heart – 2 colors; MC (main color) & CC (contrasting color)
    • Standard: 3 ply such as 3 ply Tamm yarn – 2 colors
    • Mid-Gauge: Lightweight 4 ply – I prefer Bernat Baby Coordinates – 2 colors
  • Tension: (T) Bulky 8; Standard 6; Mid-gauge 5


  • CO (cast on) 78 N (150) ((100)) with waste yarn; Weight; K several rows
  • K (Knit) 1 R (row) ravel cord
  • RC (Row Counter) 000
  • Lining of bottom band:
    • Add MC – Bulky: K 20 – 21 R; (K 40 – 41 R); ((K 30 – 31 R))
  • RC 000
  • Fair Isle design and front of band: (Read all this section first)
    • In order to make the same number of rows for front of band, take number of rows of design off the total number of rows done for the lining; knit half extra rows, then the design, then rest of rows to match number in lining
    • Prepare a finishing yarn to run along design (see manual) if doing fair isle
    • If using a punch card or electronic design; get design ready; K 1 R to select N; MC button
    • Add a CC and depending on length of design K 15 – 18 R (K 25 – 35 R) ((10 – 15 R))of an alternating stripe, variegated yarn or punch card or electronic fair isle design
    • Does design need to be reversed or flipped?
  • Hang first row of main color from ravel cord onto needles – doubling sts
  • RC 000
  • K 28 – 30 more R (55 – (65 for slouchy hat); ((34 – 35)) – depending on length desired
  • Move every other st to the N next to it – put empty N in out of work position
  • K 4 or 5 rows
  • Remove sts on long yarn tail on tapestry needle
  • Mattress st side, pull top tight; weave in ends
  • Make a 3 – 4-inch pom-pom if desired; large ones are in style now; attach to top of hat

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann


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