Fingerless Mitts

Women’s Fingerless Mitts 2

Standard Gauge Punch Card Machine with ribber
3/15 yarn; Tension 5 – ribbing; Tension 8 – main body
7 sts, 10 rows per 1 inch

Glove is 76 rows total in length

Size women’s large – depending on pattern done – Fair isle makes them fit snug, stockinette larger


Body of glove:
1. CO 63 Sts – 32L X 31R EON; Ribber 31L X 30 R EON;  (Women’s size med/small CO 53 stitches – 27L X 26 R)

**Single motif  CO Instructions below

T 0/0 Broken toe CO; do 3 R Circular

  1. T 5; Knit 20 R ribbing

Move Sts Back to main bed; T 8
3. K 4 R – (RC 24)

  1. Prepare to engage punch card for motif or lace or begin a design like a cable*
  2. K 31 R – (RC 55)
    6.Tension down to 7; K11 rows – (RC 66)
  3. Move EOS to ribber; T 5; Slide lever to I
  4. Knit 10 R ribbing – (RC76) Move all stitches back to main bed
  5. Backstitch BO

RC000.  T 8; Ribber covers on
1. Measure and mark 1 ½ inches above top of cuff ribbing on each side

  1. Mark again at 2 1/8 inch above first mark on each side (opening for thumb)
  2. (Make sure the outside needles (13L and 14R) are closest to bottom ribbing) Purl side facing – hang those side stitches of the mitt between marks across 13 N on left side to Needle 0 – make sure the bottom ribbing is out to the left; and bringing up other side in the same manner (with N 14 being closest to bottom ribbing) hang right next to L group of sts – hang right side on 0 – 14 N – making sure the bottom ribbing is out to the right side; put 2 center sts on same N to avoid a hole
  3. Push all glove behind ribber and push against bed and pull all N out to H position. COR
  4. WEIGHT; T 8
  5. K 1 R to left (Row Count 1)
  6. Put machine on HOLD position; Bring all N out to Hold except 6 on carriage side
  7. SHORT ROW by K1 R to center – knitting all 6 sts; pull N closest to center of glove to H; K 1 R to left; Pull next N to hold (that is beside last N pulled out) ; Knit across. Repeat till have 2 N still in work; Knit to L; Cut yarn – (RC 7) Pull last 2 N to Hold; With all N in Hold and carriage in Hold, run carriage to right (RC 8)
  8. Push 6 N on right side into work and put them in latches and repeat short rows on right (RC 14)
  9. Take machine off HOLD position
  10. K 5 rows – doing full fashion decrease on both sides on RC 16 and 18 – (RC 19)
  11. T 5; Move EON to ribber and K 6 R ribbing – (RC 25)
  12. Move all N to main bed and backstitch BO
  13. Sew seams; weave in yarn endsKnit a second glove to match first one, unless using a punch card motif or a cable on the back.  Then reverse the instructions


*CABLE INSTRUCTIONS (6 st cable):*** I think the cable could be moved closer to the edge to be on center of back of hand

Right Hand:

  • To center cable on back of hand – Center of cable is between N 7 & 8 Right – N4  & 11R are dropped and reformed; N5,6,7 are on one 3 prong tool and N8, 9, 10 are on another 3 prong tool
  • On the first cable crossover I did not reform any sts; knit 8 rows; Drop N 4 & 11; cross over center 6 sts. Drop and reform sts down to where first crossover started.
  • Repeat until RC 56 ( 1 more than Step # 5 at top says) ; do cable crossover and drop and reform (5 total crossovers)
  • T 7
  • If adding in beads K to RC 64. Add 3 beads at N’s 1L, 8R, 17R (Bead hole has to be large enough for a crochet N to go through it. Put bead on crochet needle and take st off KM. Pull st through bead and then put st onto a latch hook and replace st onto KM. After all beads are on, hand knit one row or yarn will break as carriage goes across. Move RC to 65. Move carriage to other side of bed and rethread. Knit across carefully to RC 66
  • Rejoin pattern at top at step 7 of main body of glove

Left Hand:

  • N 8L & 9L are center of cable – N 12L & 5L are dropped and reformed; N 11,10, 9L on one 3 prong tool and N 6, 7 & 8L are on other 3 prong tool
  • Repeat cable instructions for L hand


** Single Motif Instructions *** I think this could be moved closer to the edge to be on back of hand

  • If putting a single motif punch card design on back of hand – off-set needles from 0;  EON on both beds; Place single motif cam in usual spot ; decide how many sts from edge of iso cam to pull N out to have design on middle of back of hand
  • If using my snowflake punch card, place single motif cam in usual spot and count out 12 sts from right or left side depending on which glove being knit and pull out first N; CO 37L X 26R EON main bed; 36L X 25R EON ribber; Isolation cam in center lines up with marks at back of bed


You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann