Thread Lace Hats

Thread Lace Chemo Hat

Thread Lace 3 Thread Lace 2 Thread Lace 1

Machine: Standard Gauge Machine (Bulky instructions at bottom)

Yarns: 1 strand 2/24 yarn; 2 cones serger thread to match perfectly ( together through opposite side of tension mast)

Tension: mast – both sides at the tightest; ribbing at tightest possible under 0 for cast on and the ribbing; T 4 for body of hat

  • RC000
  • T 0/0 – tightest possible
  • CO Full Needle Rib over 76 X 75 needles with 2/24 and 2 ends of the matching serger thread
  • Hang comb and weights
  • Set carriages for 2 circular rows
  • Remove settings
  • Rib 14 rows ending with COL
  • Insert punch card and lock on row 1 or set electronic thread lace pattern
  • Remove 2 ends of serger thread from carriage
  • Move all ribber stitches to main bed, doubling stitches
  • Change to main bed sinker plate and re-thread carriage
  • T 4
  • Set KC Knob to KCII – go outside turn mark
  • K 1 R to right to select needles
  • Set thread lace pattern from Stitch World pattern or punch card
  • Both top and bottom MC buttons in on main bed carriage
  • Add the 2 serger threads to second carriage gate
  • Release punch card
  • K to RC 99 rows
  • Remove patterning and 2 serger threads
  • K 3 – 4 rows ending on right side
  • With a doubled yarn on a tapestry needle, remove stitches
  • Pin ribbing down and lightly steam
  • Mattress stitch side; Weave in ends
  • Bulky instruction:
    • 1 strand 4 ply yarn and 2 ends serger thread or a fine yarn
    • T 0/0 cast on 37 X 38 needles in a 1 X 1 rib
    • Circular rows for  selvage; remove settings
    • T 2/2 – 6 rows of 1 X 1 ribbing with yarn only – COL
    • Move stitches to main bed
    • KC button on
    • T 4
    • Prepare punch card
    • Knit 1 R to right to select needles
    • Both MC buttons pushed in on carriage
    • Add 2 ends of serger thread (or fine yarn) to second yarn gate
    • Release punch card
    • K 55 – 60 rows depending on the length you desire
    • Remove serger thread and patterning
    • K 3 – 4 rows ending on right
    • With a long yarn end, run a tapestry needle though the live stitches and remove from the machine

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann