Child’s Knitted Bracelet

Child’s Knitted Bracelets



Bulky Knitting Machine

Heavy 4 ply yarn like Red Heart or cotton fabric cut in ¼ inch wide strips and sewn end to end

  • Tension 10
  • Leave a 6 – 8 inch tail and e-wrap cast on 24 to 28 needles (Depending on size desired)
  • Thread carriage and knit 1 row to left
  • Comb and weights
  • Knit 6 to 8 rows, ending on right (do a few more rows for a fatter bracelet)
  • Loop through a loop bind off
  • Leave a 12 inch tail
  • Bracelet naturally rolls exposing the purl side of the knitting
  • Mattress stitch ends together or just tie the ends together with the tails for a quick finish
  • Cut another length of yarn and join where tails are to give a fuller tail if desired
  • Beads can be tied on or just divide yarn into 2 strands of 2 plys apiece to give a pretty tail
  • Ends can be sewn in to hide if no tails are preferred
  • The cotton fabric frays, but adds to the charm of the bracelet – perhaps for an older child that prefers something funky (the mint green one is done in cotton fabric strips)
  • For a boy, dark colors or camo yarn could be used


You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission. Thank you, Ann

Ann Huppert (GrammaAnn)


4 thoughts on “Child’s Knitted Bracelet

  1. Hi Ann (GrammaAnn),
    Thank you for this pattern. I am Committee Chairman of the Guild of Machine Knitters. When my colleagues are at exhibitions they often have youngsters having a go on the machine. This will be an excellent project for them to have a go at and take away with them. Would you have any objection to us including the pattern in our quarterly newsletter – we are always after contributions…..
    Hazel Green (honeysgran)


    1. Hi Hazel, That is a great idea to teach kids the machine – I fear we are losing interest in machine knitting and this will teach a whole new generation! 🙂 I would be honored if you would include the pattern in your newsletter. Would you be willing to put my name and blog address with the pattern in your publication? Is this a digital or paper publication? Would you be willing to send me a copy when you publish it? Thank you, Ann Huppert


      1. Hi Ann,
        It is a quarterly printed newsletter. We will certainly put your name and blog address and credit it to you and send a digital copy.
        Our overseas members receive it in digital format. All our back issues are on our web site in the members area. (you do have to be a member to view these – £18 per year)
        We have also recently started (5 issues now) an on line journal ‘Beyond the Gate Pegs’ this allows us a little more freedom to do in depth articles with a slightly wider subject pool but still of interest to machine knitters. (again in the members area) In the first two issues we had workshops on dyeing with lots of photos which we couldn’t possibly have done in the Newsletter.
        I have been looking with interest at the large images which you have been knitting using software. I have DK8 and keep thinking once our AGM and Guild day is over I will have a go at.
        If you have anything else that we could use – hints, tips, patterns, stitch designs, articles – we are always looking for something interesting to fill the pages.
        Unfortunately as we are a charity we are unable to pay for patterns/articles.
        Once again many thanks


  2. Hi Hazel, Your newsletter and journal certainly sound great for machine knitters! Thank you in advance for a digital copy of the issue my pattern will be in! 🙂 Have you looked at the blog? Along the very top, above the title, there are drop-down menus with all kinds of patterns and techniques for machine knitters. You may use any of them, but I would really appreciate if you could communicate with me so I know if and when you will use any of them. 🙂 The same would be appreciated, as well – to include my name, blog address and a digital copy sent to me. Thank you for working hard to further the craft of machine knitting! 🙂 Ann


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