Christmas Tuck Cowl


Machine: Bulky
Yarn: Sparkly #2 Weight 50 gr skein or a lightweight 3 ply cone yarn (I used Vanna’s Glamour Lion Brand Red Stone)
Tension: 5
Punch card 2P
Size: 40” X 9”
• Cast on over 40 N with WY; end with COL
• K 1 R ravel cord: COR
• Change to MY
• K 1 R to left
• Set punch card in machine and turn off; KC knob
• K 1 R to right; RC 000
• Push in both tuck buttons
• Release punch card
• K till yarn almost runs out- leave enough for 2 R (I got 230 R); COR
• Turn punch card and tuck buttons off
• K 1 R to left
• Hang first row off WY to join into a cowl
• Tension 10
• K 1 R to right
• Loop through a loop bind off
• Weave in ends
• Steam press heavily to kill yarn and make cowl drapey. It stretched just a bit, too, to get the length I desired

You may copy, print and use any of the info on my blog. Please do not copy and repost anywhere on the internet without contacting me to get my permission.  Please do not sell this pattern as your own.  Thank you, Ann