Lined Earflap Hats

Lined Earflap Hats

Lined Earflap Hats

earflap hats


Kids and adults really like these hats – in style and warm. I know it is the middle of summer, but I ran across them again and thought I would put the pattern in the Machine Knit Pattern section above the blog title under Baby/Child  – even though the pattern has adult sizes, as well. It is always a good time to knit and if you lack inspiration, give one of these a try. They are fun and quick to knit and make great gifts. Christmas in July, right? 🙂 The designs on the hats in the bottom photo are Img2track. These are hats for my grandsons and I put their favorite sport or team logo on them.


6 thoughts on “Lined Earflap Hats

    1. Hi Ann yes these are really lovely hats. You sent me the pattern and I knitted one and sent it with beanies and scarves to my son and his family in New Zealand. My son is a member of the Astronomical Society and of course they are always outside “star gazing”. He just loves the lined ear flap hat which he wears over a beanie. Says it is as warm as toast. God Bless. Lynette in SA


  1. Great hats, Ann. I make these too for m grandsons, husband, and daughters running group. But ai haven’t tried putting a design on them yet. Will have to give it a try this year. Thanks for the inspiration.


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