Felted Mittens

Felted Mittens

Felted Wool Mittens

There is a nip in the air with a storm brewing outside so I thought I’d try some mittens. Mittens are incredibly fast to knit and I do love my pattern made with acrylic yarn, but I wanted to try felting a pair. That means using wool, not acrylic. I got out my pattern and some sage green with a black fleck wool yarn I had in my stash. I made some minor adjustments to the pattern before I knit them and then threw them in the washing machine.  I tried them on a couple of times as they felted. It’s not the easiest thing to do – putting on wet mittens and getting them back off – but I did not want to felt them too much. Because I did not add needles or rows to this pattern – but only made them at the loosest tension I could -I knew it would not take long to get to the right size and be the perfect fit for me. The felting instructions are at the bottom of the pattern that is above the blog title under Machine Knit Patterns; Adult.  I was happy with the results and am all ready for the cold weather!  🙂


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