My THM Experience

Trim Healthy Mama (THM) at is a way of eating that produces health, happiness, weight loss and a way to stick to a program for life. I have also seen my body change in incredible ways that had nothing to do with weight loss (although I have lots of that, as well) – called non-scale victories on the program. Anywhere from substantially less pain from fibromyalgia, better eyesight, my warts disappearing, to near perfect blood work numbers. It has changed my life just from choosing easy, delicious food that never makes me feel deprived and that I am on a diet. It is not a diet (and I have tried every one of them) but a different way of looking at food and how it fuels our bodies. There are two main fuels our bodies use – fat or carbohydrates.  If you give your body one or the other at a time, it does not store the other one as body fat to use at a later time. If you have weight problems like I did – our bodies never get around to using the secondary fuel that is consumed before we are feeding it again. Thus fat storage happens. All so simple. I encourage you to check it out at the link above and join their Facebook feed to join in on the conversation.

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