Vertical Striped Ribbing

Vertical Striped Ribbing

Denver Bronco Hat

I hope your Christmas was wonderful – mine certainly was! I have a little down time this week so thought I’d try a new technique I learned – vertical striped ribbing or 2-color brioche. I made this hat for my husband today. He’s a Denver Bronco fan, but even though they have not done so well this year, he agreed to wear it. 😊 I combined several things into this hat. The vertical striped ribbing, fair isle for the Bronco name section and then regular ribbing to make the top of the hat fit snugly. It fits great! If I did it over again, I would make the striped ribbing longer so the brim was deeper and the last color, at the top of the hat, shorter – but it was an experiment and I came out with a usable hat. I entered the name into the electronic machine – it is about 60 sts by 11 rows. Since the vertical ribbing is full fisherman’s rib, made with tucking alternately on both beds, it came out wider than usual ribbing so I began with less stitches than I usually do for an adult hat. It does not have quite as much give and stretch as regular ribbing either, so I am not sure I would use this technique a lot. Although the vertical stripe is interesting and unusual. Because I was using a tighter tension due to it being a band, I found I needed the fine knit bar for it to knit off. If you are unfamiliar with the Brioche or Vertical Striped Ribbing, see the Technique Section for some instructions. I wish you happy knitting in the new year!


6 thoughts on “Vertical Striped Ribbing

  1. How great is that. You are certainly a versatile woman. How many years have you been KM lady ? Also, hope you had a great C\
    hristmas & may enjoy a prosperous New year


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