Are you comfortable?

Are you comfortable?


We strive to be comfortable, don’t we? When I first thought of what it means to be comfortable I thought of my bed that calls my name every night or the comfy slippers I put on my tired feet or perhaps watching my cat curled up in her favorite chair. We all desire to be comfortable. But comfort has a much deeper meaning than just physical. In my bible reading time this morning I was in 2 Corinthians, the first chapter and Paul is writing instructions to a local church. But what jumped out at me was the use of the word Comfort. He used it 9 times in the first 7 verses alone. God must have felt this was a very important word that He wants us to understand and apply in our lives. When one wants to understand what God is truly trying to relay to us, it is very helpful to go to the original langue that the Bible was written in – which in this New Testament book was the Greek language. In these verses God is talking about relationships not physical comfort. To comfort someone or to receive comfort means to call near to help, or to summon help, console, exhort or instruct, admonish or to encourage and strengthen. It is all about how God deals with us as he comforts us and how we are then, in turn, to comfort others in our lives with that same help we received. That is so much more meaningful than just thinking of our physical comfort alone and draws us into closer relationships with others. And in all reality, when we are comforted in our emotions and spirit, then we are certainly more physically comfortable, aren’t we? As we near this upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, let us remember to bring comfort to those around us – as we are reminded of how we have received comfort. It might be someone in your home or in your social or work realm or the homeless person on the corner. May we all display God’s love and comfort.


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