Speedy Cowl

Speedy Cowl

I am not one to wear scarves much, but I like cowls. Truthfully, I have never worn them much either because I have had reading glasses hanging around my neck for years. And years. But I have finally decided I need to get some progressive bifocal glasses I leave on all the time.  How many times do you think I will subconsciously take off those glasses and let them drop to the floor? Ha-ha… But back to the cowls. Even though I love them, I could not wear a scarf or a cowl that would interfere with the glasses because it snagged them. But since the glasses are on order my thoughts turned to cowls. Now, I am rather particular about my cowl. I do not want it too heavy in weight so that it makes me hot. It can’t be too wide or hang too low. I know…so picky. So, I set about coming up with a pattern on the standard machine that would suit me. I used 1 strand of 2/24…I did say lightweight. And I wanted it to lie flat off the machine, so I decided on a tuck stitch in Full Needle Rib.  I came up with a pattern and I had so much fun knitting them I did 3 in just a few minutes. They are super quick to knit so if you are looking for something quick and pretty for a gift or for a craft show this might be a good seller. The pattern is above in the drop-down menus – titled Speedy Cowl. I think winter is finally coming to Colorado since it is almost November – but the weather man did say mid 70’s for the upcoming weekend. My cowl wearing may have to wait. 😊




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