Full Needle Rib Tuck Baby Blanket

Full Needle Rib Tuck Baby Blanket

Close up of design

I was kindly gifted a cone of baby yarn by a friend at our Machine Knit Club. It is Mary Lue’s 4 ply Symphony in a mix of pastel baby colors. I have been wanting to get a baby set started for the charity our club supports, but the month is slipping away from me. Finally I had a little time this evening and quickly made a baby blanket. It is made on the bulky with a ribber. I love to make baby blankets using the ribber because there are no problems with the sides rolling and it lays flat off the machine with no more work required to finish it – other than weaving in the 2 ends. It is soft and squishy and just begs for a baby to be wrapped inside! If you would like the pattern it is above in the drop down menus. I have enough yarn left for a cardigan and a hat, so I must stay on task. ♥

4 thoughts on “Full Needle Rib Tuck Baby Blanket

    1. Hi Maxine, If you look above the blog title, there is a row of drop down menus. Find Patterns, then Baby and Child, then off to the side is a Blanket section. It is the first pattern in that section. You can print it off. Folks usually have to be using a computer to access that and have difficulty on a phone or tablet. Your ribber manual will tell you how to do Tuck Rib on your machine. On my Brother, it takes no special setting on the ribber, and the usual tuck settings on the main bed. 🙂


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