Herringbone Shawl

Herringbone Shawl

Bulky Machine Chemo Shawl

I wanted to do some knitting for our Knit Club charity today. Shawls were requested for the chemo center for patients to wrap around their arms during chemo. I preferred to make it on the bulky machine and I used Diana Sullivan’s pattern for a Herringbone pattern in full needle rib. Her directions are for a standard scarf, but I easily adapted it to the whole bed for a shawl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaAK6cOscgk  It used a change in the racking position every row on the ribber, which sounds tedious, but it worked up very quickly and it was easy to get into a rhythm! It only took 240 rows to make the width of the shawl because with the whole bed used, the width on the machine actually becomes the length of the shawl. It worked up to be 50 inches long by 27 inches wide – the perfect size for a bit of cuddly warmth. The ribber tucks in one direction and then a different set of racking settings were used every 20 rows giving the herringbone pattern. Because of the change in racking positions, it creates the ripple effect on each end and I think it is a great addition to the shawl! It was completed in just a few minutes (even with stopping to write my lovely sister a letter in the middle! 😊 ). I used Nomis 3/15 yarn set on tension 4 and it has a light, soft feel. A few more are on my to-do list!

2 thoughts on “Herringbone Shawl

  1. You are so good, I feel really ashamed that I haven’t done that much this year for charities. Keep up the good work Nanna Kath


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