Giving Generously

Giving Generously

We are part of a wonderful church – with loving folks. They have become a family to us. And as in any church, or, as a matter of fact, in any organization we are a part of, there are always plenty of ways to offer our services. Any time things are worth doing, it requires people with willing hearts to make things work well and efficiently. And so, at some time in our attendance of a church or organization we are usually called upon to serve. That might sound like a degrading thing to do – to serve others. Sounds a lot like being a servant – which does not have a good connotation. But it really is a privilege and an honor to serve others. I am reminded of our Machine Knitting Club Seminar that we had last month. That seminar takes lots of willing hands to pull off well. So many details and jobs that need filled and I was so blessed to see so many unselfishly and willingly volunteer for the many jobs. You know… as our mothers used to say…many hands make light work… 🙂

Now, as my husband and I are being asked to serve in our local church we might think we are too busy, getting too old or a bunch of other excuses. We love to have lots of time for ourselves – and I admit there comes a time when circumstances keep folks from being involved. But we want to recall the Lord’s reminder of what serving is truly all about. It is purely and simply serving Jesus Christ. As much as we love our fellow church attenders and do not mind serving them, it is really about serving our gracious, loving and merciful Savior who gave His very life for us and set the perfect example of being a servant. It is a debt we could never repay, but we show our gratitude, obedience and love to Him by serving where we are asked, as we are capable. We all have ways we can help in our own sphere of life and may we all give generously of our gifts, time and talents. 🙂


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