Some Pink and Blue

Some Pink and Blue

I am a big fan of the Img2track software for the Brother electronic machine. I think it makes a unique baby blanket to give to our knit club charity. The bunny friends on the one just had to be blue. 🙂 Both blankets are about 500 rows, using the whole machine bed, knit in full needle rib and double bed jacquard with a 2-row striped back. I used 2 strands of 2/24 yarn on tension 2. They measure approximately 30 X 33” – a nice baby size. The pink one is Stitch World pattern #31 in DBJ. It is supposed to be a tumbling block pattern, but the dark side of the block is in the wrong place – meaning I should have used the pink as color number 1 and white for the second color. So…it does not really look like tumbling blocks, but it is pink and it will keep a baby girl warm! 🙂 Now to make some cardi’s and hats to match!


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