Spring Shrug Cocoon

Spring Shrug Cocoon

Back view in pattern above

I saw these really cute photos of the front and back of a hand knit cardigan and thought I would see if I could figure out how to make it by the photos.  This has no shaping as I knit the pieces, but is just 2 rectangles with a band sewn on the front and around the neck.  So simple and so much fun because the shaping is all done in how it is folded and sewn! I made this on the standard gauge machine because I wanted it to be as lightweight and Spring-like as possible, since it is short sleeved. Well…the sleeves come to the elbow, which is hard to see by the photo. I did a thread lace stitch pattern and used 2 ends of cone serger thread for the second yarn that was an identical match in color to the Tamm Estillo main yarn. I wrote the pattern from small to 2X, and since it is a loose-fitting shrug I only needed 3 sizes. The pattern is above in the drop-down menus. You can make this on any machine, using any yarn and any stitch pattern. How easy is that! But, it does require a carefully measured tension swatch, but you all are experts at that! 🙂  And if not, there is a tutorial for each gauge of machine in the drop down menu. I home-school my grandson for a history class and I need to write an end of year review. So…no more knitting until that is written! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Spring Shrug Cocoon

  1. Hi Ann! Love your shrug and your waterfall sweater is the best I have seen. Many waterfall cardigans are pretty but I generally think they won’t suit my short, plump frame, but yours is one I think I would actually wear. I tried looking for the patterns as you said you had written them up but couldn’t find them. It might be because I was using an I-Pad so will look again using my computer. Do you charge for your patterns? I really wouldn’t mind paying for them because as a long time machine knitter, I realise how much work goes into every design.

    Thanks for your interesting blog, I always enjoy it.

    Sheila (Perth, Australia)



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