Mixing Textiles in a Modern Design

Mixing Textiles in a Modern Design

There are so many unusual styles and mix of textiles for garments in the stores and online. They are cute with modern styling and just something out of the ordinary. I experimented by writing this pattern and this is the resulting garment. It has an asymmetrical hemline made with a 3 row hung hem, A-line shaping to give it the folds of fabric so common in today’s styles and has the raglan, lace sleeves. I did a cut and sew neckline and after thinking through how to finish it, I wished I had purchased enough lace to make a bias lace edge. But, I made a narrow band on the knitting machine. I sewed the whole project together on the sewing machine, but knit the body on the standard machine. I was not fond of the yarn – it is Tamm Spirit. When I ordered it, I did not realize it had all the bits of color in the yarn – my mistake for not being more observant. It was pink yarn – I mean…what more does one need to know?? 😊 It is knit in 4 pieces and the center front and back are joined in a sew-as-you-go method – meaning as I knit the first piece, I made eyelets along the center side. Then as I knit the second piece, I hung those eyelets on the left most needle every other row. The 2 pieces for the front (and later for the back) were finished when the second side was knit. The join gives an open, lacy-looking design feature and avoided the usual mattress stitch join. Now, onto a new technique I want to try. 😊


10 thoughts on “Mixing Textiles in a Modern Design

  1. HI Ann, another great one! I also love to experiment with mixing up textures, and this is another inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing!


  2. OMG!!!!! GORGEOUS. I’m in LOVE with this top. You just blow my mind with your creativity. My daughter asked me if I can knit this top for her….LOL….the lace sleeves and the structure of this top is simply stunning. Thank you for your inspiration.


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