Never Be The Same

Never Be The Same

We all love Spring and Easter. It is so much fun to dress our families up in new clothes, have egg hunts and enjoy a fabulous spread of food at a meal to celebrate. And there is nothing wrong with any of those – they all make special family fun and give our kids great memories. But if that is our only focus, then we have sadly missed why we even have Easter. We must remember the cross – it is the very reason we have the holiday at all. Jesus was born to this earth and we celebrate that at Christmas, but at this season, we remember He was born to die on a cruel cross to pay for the sins of mankind – a debt we cannot pay ourselves no matter how good a life we live. What gives validity to this payment is the fact that Jesus did not stay dead but rose from the grave – victorious over death and that is the sweet celebration of Easter. Newness of life. If He lives, so shall we live forever with Him – when we put our trust in that work.

It seems like there are endless choices in life concerning religions or denominations or the choice of no religion at all. But there are really only 2 choices in life – what we will do…or not do… about Jesus. My prayer for you at this Easter season is that you will put your trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus – and then celebrate in all the fun, special ways with your families. Easter will never be the same for you, I promise. 😊


2 thoughts on “Never Be The Same

  1. Thank you Ann,

    I know Jesus and “Because he lives I can face tomorrow, I know He holds the future.” (from a Bill and Gloria Gaither song)

    I belong to the Never be the same Club, also.



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