Some Spring Charity Knits

Some Spring Charity Knits


I had a large skein of Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly brand baby yarn and decided to make up a set for charity giving. I really like that yarn – it is a #3 yarn and is relatively inexpensive Michael’s brand. The blanket is from Diana Sullivan’s Best Baby Blankets book. It utilizes the Long Stitch for the ribbing and the sides of the blanket so that the sides do not roll – but the middle is plain stockinet. It knits up so quickly – a plus for charity work. The bit of patterning in the blanket is just from the speckled yarn. I wrote patterns for the Quick Bulky Baby Cardigan and the Bulky Baby Hat and they are in the patterns above. I wanted a really fast sweater so it has the least amount of shaping possible – and it is a quick knit. If you are looking for a speedy baby gift or charity knit, I hope you will try them. 😊


7 thoughts on “Some Spring Charity Knits

  1. Ann, thank you kindly for sharing your talent. I LOVE your patterns. I can’t wait to start a couple of the bulky baby cardigans and I think the aquamarine waterfall cardigan is stunning. Your generousity of sharing your patterns is deeply appreciated.
    Much gratitude,


  2. Hello Ann,

    Thank you for all the lovely knitting you share with us – Unfortunately I cannot access the patterns and am particularly interested in the gorgeous blue Water Jacket , the baby blanket and the baby cardi I have tried but cannot locate what I have to “hit” to get the patterns can you help?

    Meanwhile I was immediately inspired to do some baby blankets use up some stash and make for charity so I did one yesterday and am delighted it is so soft using pink white and different variagated yarns but would love to make some of yours. Re the edging could you walk me through that please it looks so good.
    Sorry for long email and intruding on your time and thanks again for your generous heart in sharing.

    God Bless


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