Aquamarine Waterfall Cardigan

Aquamarine Waterfall Cardigan


More views are with the pattern

I have been working on a waterfall front cardigan and decided to write the pattern up in several sizes. It is knit on the standard gauge with a one row tuck pattern in a light yarn. I like the one row tuck because it makes a lighter fabric than 2 row tuck and a lighter fabric is much better for draping on the waterfall. The hem is faux garter stitch and I edged the fronts and neck with a row of single crochet, but a very narrow knitted edge would work, as well. The pattern is above in the drop down menus. πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “Aquamarine Waterfall Cardigan

  1. Ann, the cardigan is beautiful. Your blog is so inspirational, and your patterns are wonderful. I am going to give this a try on my LK150.


  2. Ann really beauiful the drape is gorgeous will try and make one as Ilove drape it is very flattering goling to checkou tthe poattern now.
    Cara vSydney


  3. That’s lovely. So many of the waterfall patterns look kinda “ratty” on the edges. This is admirable. Thank you. Kesh H

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  4. Hi Ann love your site have tried to get the drop downs for the pattern aquamarine waterfall pattern but I am unable to do so can you send me the pattern. You site is so inspirational and the patterns are beautiful.



  5. Hi Ann, I love this jacket. I printed the pattern and got started with the tension swatch a couple of months ago. I am Still trying, I just cant get the tension anywhere near yours. Please tell me where I am going wrong. I have 1 week left before my holidays and wanted this jacket for then. I have tried 2 strands of 2/30, 2 ply and 3ply with rows from 55 -60 and st 21 -23 I am pulling my hair out here, and want to cry buckets.

    Margaret x


    1. I have a post on matching gauges on the blog. You really have to be able to match either stitches or rows per inch with your tension swatch. I think it is easier to match stitches per row. Have you been able to do that with any swatch? Then if you can match the right number of stitches, this post will tell you how to figure out how long to make each piece, based on your tension swatch of rows per inch. I hope that is a help to you! I will email this answer,as well so that you are assured of receiving my reply. Ann πŸ™‚


      1. Thank you Ann for such a quick reply. I have managed to get 23 but not 25st rows are way out. The rows really are a problem as the pattern is asking for 43 rows. I use the green rule for swatches.



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