TV Slipper Socks

TV Slipper Socks



I love to get into my PJ’s and slipper socks for evening TV viewing or reading.  I have purchased a lot of pairs of “fat slipper socks”, as I called them, over the years, but they always end up feeling too tight and I constantly pull at them to make them more comfortable. So, I decided to make me some that were a bit looser and that would feel better. I think I inherited that trait from my mother – she was always having me hunt for loose socks for evening wear in her later years. So, I went to the bulky machine so they would be thick and warm. They looked huge off the machine, but when I got the toe stitched up with Kitchener stitch, they fit perfectly! Not too loose and more importantly – not too tight. No more pulling and adjusting my slipper socks all evening. 🙂 The pattern is above if you would like to try a pair. I used Red Heart 4 ply yarn and knit them in the round with the ribber. Ahhhh…comfy AND warm toes. 🙂


9 thoughts on “TV Slipper Socks

  1. Thank you one again for generously sharing your pattern Ann. It’s much appreciate! Can’t wait to have a go. I’ve never knitted anything in the round on the machine! Best wishes Irene


  2. What a coincidence. I just started making these as well. I am currently taking chemotherapy for breast cancer and the chemo is affecting my nails on my hands and feet. I have lost the nail on my large toe with more to follow so I decided to knit socks and slippers that don’t restrict my toes. God Bless!  Judy 

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  3. Ann, I can’t find your pattern for these socks! I clicked on the pattern section but just the heading came up but no pattern! Can you help, would love to make them!


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