A Nose Mitten?? :)

A Nose Mitten?? :)

My nose warmer

I had cancer surgery on my nose last March and this winter has been hard on my nose – it is cold in the evenings when I am in my house! For some reason I guess the circulation is different or something. And even though we keep our furnace set at a comfortable temperature, I sit around all evening holding my nose because it hurts. A side of effect of surgery I did not anticipate. I kept saying in jest that I was going to make me a nose mitten, but on our quiet Christmas afternoon with all the festivities over, I sat at the knitting machine to try to come up with something. The first try looked like a bird beak and I laughed at myself as I looked in the mirror. The second attempt was still too long and beak-like. My third attempt turned out well. I made 2 I-cords to loop over my ears and attached them in just the right places along the side to enable holding it all in place without obstructing my view. I won’t win any beauty contest with this contraption on and do not intend for anyone to see me in it but my loving husband – but I am looking forward to my evenings in my recliner a tad more comfy! 🙂 If you or anyone you love suffers from a cold nose you might try my pattern above as a starting place – since all noses are not the same size. Not the usual knitted piece – but hey…you never know! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Nose Mitten?? :)

  1. Brilliant. I enjoy looking at everything you make. Hope you had a very merry Xmas day with your family. Best wishes from my house to yours. Yvonne


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