Christmas Toys

Christmas Toys

Machine knit toys

The charity our machine knitting club knits for has asked for small toys, so I have knit a few. This is the last batch I knit up. They are so much fun to knit and to think about and pray for the child that will receive them. The one on the left, a Comfort Doll and the center gentleman have instructions on the Bulk and Mid-gauge Facebook page. Although the center one was originally made a bear, but I wanted a doll so made the face without the short row shaping for a bear nose. Then I thought he needed a hat but when I put it on his head, it looked like a bowler derby hat so then he needed a bow tie! Haha…. The one on the right has instructions in the toy section of I really wish my mother would have taught me her expert skills at embroidery, because my little faces could have used some help. 🙂 But hopefully they will be enjoyed. Maybe you would like to try one for a stocking stuffer for someone special in your life. Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Toys

  1. Anne they are lovely their faces are so friendly the children will love them

    I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and may God always hold you in the Palm of His Hand(Old Irish e Wish) Cara from OZ


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