Ruana Stylin’

Ruana Stylin’


As I have been Christmas shopping in the major department stores I am seeing Ruana’s everywhere this year! They are just the thing for a quick cover up and as I looked them over I thought I could make one easily. I made it on the mid-gauge machine and used the plating technique – so easy on the LK150. Both yarns were 2/24 which is lightweight for the mid-gauge, but because of the plating it takes a thinner yarn.  Some have fringe – but not all of them and I decided I was not really a fringe kind of person so opted for ribbing instead. But my little LK150 does not have a ribber and I am not one to do any hand tooled ribbing! So, I did the ribbing on my standard gauge machine and took it to the mid-gauge and hung on the same number of needles. It worked beautifully!  I wanted the plating to show, so turned back the front edges and put a button in place to keep it turned out. I also put a button on the sides so the front and back would hang evenly off my shoulders. I did the no-roll edge on the stockinet and used 2 colors that harmonized well together. Both yarns have a subtle touch of pink, blue and purple when viewed up close.  The pattern is above blog title. 🙂

Rib and no-roll edging

7 thoughts on “Ruana Stylin’

  1. Love your styling of this ruins (one of my favourite garments although I have never knitted one but it is in my “to do” list. I am about to knit a shrug for my DD using your idea of tucking in one direction only. I find that makes a pretty fabric and gives that extra width without being too “tucked”. Thank you for that idea too. 😀


  2. Lovely Ruana Ann sits beautifully might try one myself but not now just starting very hot Summer here in OZ so will put it on the list for Winter- good tip re the ribbing
    Happy Christmas



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