The Precious Gift of Seeing

The Precious Gift of Seeing


As I age, it seems that things just change. This week, I had an issue with my eye. Bothersome, but the doc says it’s nothing serious, just a matter of getting used to a change I did not want – especially one that affects my sight. Even though I am very grateful for my gift of sight, that many do not enjoy, and as much as I want to continue to see my life around me, I really want to have eyes to see the most precious gift in my life. As I anticipate Christmas and commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, I want to celebrate “seeing” this truth and savoring the difference Jesus has made in my life every day! I have joy because my name is written in heaven and I have a future there because of my trust in the finished work Jesus was born to do – the gift of dying in our place in payment for the sins of all mankind. My prayer for you all is that you would accept the gift of Christmas personally, because it is only a gift if we receive it. Our lives are so short in the scope of time and may we all have seeing eyes before time runs out to perceive the true blessing of Christmas! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Precious Gift of Seeing

  1. Thank you for sharing those lovely thoughts with us Anne as we thank God for our blessed Lord Jesus.It brought to mind a verse of a lovely old hymn
    Open my eyes that I may see
    Glimpses of truth Thou hast for me
    Open my eyes illumine me
    Spirit divine.
    God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas time.


  2. Studying the book of John is a great way to SEE Jesus. I am really drawing closer to Jesus through this study. I’m thankful for faith to see what our eyes cannot. Thank you for sharing through importance of Christmas! May more see it and may I be used to help.


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