My Copied Design

My Copied Design

Tunic Sweater

I have a three-quarter sleeved top I like the fit of pretty well, so I decided to make a pattern from it and knit another sweater. If you’d like to try that I have instructions on how to make your own pattern from a garment in the Techniques section above. I chose a lightweight cone yarn – Tamm Perla. It looks like cotton, but the label says it is acrylic. It will be easy care and I like the look of it. After my tension swatch, I drew the garment onto my knit leader sheet. I wanted a hung hem rather than ribbing because I prefer a looser fit at the bottom. It has set-in sleeves, which is unusual for me – I usually choose drop shoulder because it is so much quicker to knit with no sleeve shaping. So many of the readymade garments in the stores are drop shoulder now. It is knit on the standard gauge machine with a one row tuck, with pattern 277 in Stitch World 1. I favor one row tuck over a 2-row tuck pattern as it makes a much more subtle pattern. I did a cut and sew neckline, then sewed the whole garment together on the sewing machine (instructions for those 2 techniques are also above). 🙂  It was so quick once I began the construction process! I think I will use this pattern again! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Copied Design

  1. What a great idea. Sometimes we don’t think of them. Thank You. I have DAK8 so can draw up a pattern, but I like yours as well.


  2. I havent tried the one row tuck yet but will do so, thank you for the idea. Your knitteds are always really good looking, thank you for sharing 😀


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