U-Shaped Knitting

U-Shaped Knitting

Burgundy Throw

I have always wanted to make an afghan using the U-shaped knitting technique to get a wide blanket. I have made afghans before where I made 2 skinnier panels and then joined them to make it wide enough. But, I’m adventurous… so gave this a whirl. To begin with you have an open cast-on because it begins with a ravel cord. I decided to make 4 ribbing pieces first that I took off on waste yarn to take care of the roll at the ends of the blanket. I would need to mattress stitch the ribbing ends together in the middle of the ends after I stitched them on. I began the afghan with the ravel cord and then waste yarn so I could Kitchener stitch the ribbing on later after the blanket was opened. I ended with waste yarn, too. Well…it did make a wide blanket – about 61 inches wide. I knit it on the bulky machine with 2 strands of a lightweight 3 ply at tension 10 on the main bed and tension 9 on the ribber. I could not have them the same tension as the ribber was knitting looser and that would not have worked to have one whole side of the blanket a looser stitch. It does require a constant change of carriage settings, so it kept me on my toes, but it was easy to get into a rhythm and I did not forget to do it. It is soft and cushy and will cover anyone using the throw over them. But…I must admit I think I will go back to making 2 skinnier panels next time. But…you know…I’m adventurous, so I had to try it. 🙂 Plus, my grey couch needed a pop of color!


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