Grieving, but Not Without Hope

Grieving, but Not Without Hope


My sister, Rosemary, passed away this week. Although not unexpected, as she was quickly declining in health, I am missing her. I tried to visit her often at the end and now I find the thought crossing my mind as I go through my day, that I must go to see her again. But, quickly remembering her death, I am struck afresh we have lost her. She had a difficult life, having many disabilities – even though she did a remarkable job in her life of overcoming them and served others for many years as nurse. But, even as I grieve her passing, I do not grieve as one who does not have hope. Years ago she placed her trust in Jesus Christ as her only hope of reaching heaven when she died. It was a simple decision of admitting she did wrong things, believing Jesus Christ died on a cross and rose again to pay the debt for those things and then placing her trust in Him to take her place to pay the penalty for those things. When anyone does that simple act of faith, they are assured of eternity in heaven. As I was talking about her death with my 10-year-old grandson, we celebrated with joy the fact she is now free of her many disabilities and one day I will get to see my sister as whole and healed. It is a wonderful expectation and it is why I grieve, but not without hope.


16 thoughts on “Grieving, but Not Without Hope

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I too have lost someone I love recently, but can celebrate a life well lived. She gave her life to Christ long ago, so I can have peace in knowing she now has a joy that we can’t even fully comprehend. Her memorial was sad, funny and full of music and joy. It was a great send off.
    I hope you are peace knowing she is basking in he glory of the Lord.


  2. Ann I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my own dear sister far too young and still miss her dreadfully. My thoughts and prayers are with you and you family.


  3. Sorry for your loss , you are so right, those of us that believe in Jesus are never without hope.

    God bless you and comfort you.



  4. So sorry for the loss of your sister. But so wonderful that you two were close and you have wonderful memories to fall back on during times of need. The Lord is good in providing those things that we need, be it material or simply memories, all we need to do is have faith is Him.



  5. It is pretty difficult to experience the reality of death. I think we can’t comprehend hardly that we won’t see our loved ones here again. I think it’s hard to grasp because God never meant for us to separate. It wasn’t His original plan. Appreciate you sharing how we can be together again someday by trusting what Jesus did for us. Some of us may not have realized that. Thanks for opening your grieving heart for the sake of others.


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