Comfy Fair Isle Hat

Comfy Fair Isle Hat

Chemo Hat
Slouchy Version

I am always looking for new and different ideas to knit for our chemo hat charity that the knitting club supports. I have plenty of great patterns…but you know… I want something…different. 🙂 I like the look of fair isle, but generally that makes a better winter hat. With the yarns basically doubled and with lots of floats on the back – it tends to be thick. Chemo hats are worn year around and a lot of the time indoors. So I went to my stash of lightweight 2/24 yarns for a couple colors and then picked a fair isle pattern with minimal floats because the colors change every stitch or two. I experimented with 2 strands, because I generally use 2/24 doubled to make a heavy enough yarn, but the resulting fabric seemed too heavy for indoor use. So even though I had to make the ribbing with doubled strands to have it be sturdy enough, I only used one end of 2 different colors to make the hat pattern. I added a few needles to my usual hat pattern because fair isle knits up a bit smaller. I like it…soft, lightweight and cute fair isle. I tried it in 2 lengths – some liking the slouchy look. I steamed it well, softening the acrylic for a comfy feel – thus the name. The pattern is above the blog title under patterns. 🙂


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