Warm Chemo Hat

Warm Chemo Hat



I ran across Diana Sullivan’s Double English Rib Cloche Hat when I was looking for a little variety for a chemo hat. http://diananatters.blogspot.com/2016/01/written-directions-for-double-english.html I did not have the yarn she used, but I had some Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn on hand. I also used the bulky machine, with the same number of needles, but changed the tension to 2. Instead of 48 rows with 20 more after switching to regular English rib, I knit 56 rows, then switched and knit 10 more rows. I felt like it had less of the “cloche” look on top and I preferred that. It is a super simple, quick knit and I love the 2 X 2 rib. It made a snug hat that is nice for ones that have lost their hair due to chemo – although it is a bit heavier so more appropriate as the weather chills. It’s a great pattern and I must give her flower embellishment a try! 🙂


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