Baking Cookies

Baking Cookies



We are the proud grandparents of 4 and we take great delight in all of them – just as normal grandparents do. Two of them live very close to us so we see them often and the other two live about an hour away. We have worked hard as they have grown up to spend regular time with them so we would build close relationships and they would not be strangers when they were grown. When they were little, we used to have them come stay with us overnight so we could play games, bake cookies, do craft projects and all the usual fun activities for kids. What memories we made! As the years have gone by it has been easy to stay in touch with the ones that live close to us and we absolutely cherish the times they drop in for frequent visits! But with the ones that live further away it has become more difficult to stay in touch. As they grew, we took them out to dinner with us so we could hear all about what was happening in their lives. But…as you know, change happens, nothing ever stays the same and kids grow up. Soon they were driving, getting jobs and being involved in lots of athletic, 4-H and friend activities. Soon – all too soon – they really did not have time for their grandparents anymore. We have been a bit sad, but understanding. We see them as we gather with our families for birthdays and holidays. But I must admit, I was grieving the loss of that close, weekly connection and wondered if they even really wanted to see us. Were we getting to be “too old” for them? Were the activities too “childish”? But, we just accept that things have changed and pray for them all diligently. We had a gathering the other day – which is always a special time to catch up with everyone. As they were leaving, one of my “grown up” granddaughters said to me “I just want to drive out and spend the night this summer and bake with you!” Who? Me? You want to bake with me? Like we used to? 🙂 I am sure you guessed how much that blessed the socks right off me! I am thrilled and looking forward to that special time – being reassured that the relationship building was not in vain!
When I get up in the mornings, the first thing I do is spend time with the Lord by reading the bible and praying. But, this morning, I had a long to-do list in the back of my mind and I must admit I was rushing through my time. My experience with my granddaughter immediately came to mind. Here I am a child of the King and He longs to spend time with me and desires me to “want” to spend time with Him – just as I want to spend quality time connecting with my family. I have a relationship with the Lord, but relationships take time whether we are talking about our family or the Lord. It immediately changed my outlook on my time together with the Lord and I settled in for a nice, long chat with Him.


4 thoughts on “Baking Cookies

  1. I know family has always been so important to you. I live away from all of mine and I so want to be closer. How good to remember that is how God feels about time with us. So precious to know that!


  2. Hi Anne
    You are a real example to us. This was my scripture calendar text –

    Only God himself fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother in the moulding of character in her children. Every mother owes it to her children to accept Christ as her personal Saviour, that she may be the influence for good in the lives of those whom Christ has graciously given to her. –

    thought i would share with you. We have been blessed with four children, and between them we have 8 beautiful grandchildren, a 9th expected in God’s mercy later this year. Unfortunately, our eldest daughter has turned her back on God, but how thankful we are that He shines on her back. It is a test to our faith that God may work, maybe through the children, to bring her back to Him. Unfortunately, we often see that a home where Jesus is not at the helm presents many problems. The only advice we can give is to take it to the Lord in prayer.


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